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Flow AI

Flow AI

Flow AI redefines data interaction, employing an intelligent AI interface to extract and analyze data. Its ability to transform raw data into actionable insights makes it a powerful tool for any data-driven endeavor.

Discover a seamless data analysis experience.


Dive into the depths of market data with our BigQuery datasets. Covering both web2 and web3 domains, our datasets provide a comprehensive view, aiding in refined market analysis and strategic planning.

Unearth the market trends and make informed decisions.



Dashboards simplifies data visualization. With just a few clicks, create, customize, and share insightful dashboards. Whether tracking key metrics or sharing reports, Dashboards makes it effortlessly straightforward.

Visualize data, share insights, drive results.


We provide web3, data, and AI tools for startups. Our services include:

  • Flow AI, a data platform that can pull and analyze data using an AI interface
  • Tech Market datasets, we currently pull data from numerous resources ready to be used from BigQuery
  • Dashboards, we design and deploy dashboards for market analysis and other projects


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